Removals tips and tricks.

How do you pack your crockery? Who do you need to tell you are moving? When should you stop watering plants before your move?

Ask no more, we have the answers here for you!

If you have other questions not listed please feel free to discuss them with your Customer Service Manager - we have been doing it long enough we know everything to make your move go smoothly. Phone 1300 YELLOW (1300 935 569) or use the big pink button at the top of the page to call us for free!

Download this easy checklist for printing

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Who to call?

  • Yellows to book your move - book early to ensure your spot!
  • The land lord / real estate agent
  • The post office
  • The tax man
  • Centrelink
  • Electoral role
  • Insurance companies
  • Electricity / gas company / water board
  • Phone company
  • Friends and relo's
  • Clubs / associations / sporting teams
  • Accountant / solicitor / lawyer
  • Banks and superannuation fund
  • Credit cards
  • Roads authority
  • Schools, TAFE and university
  • Local doctor and dentist for any patient records
  • Storage company if you need storage

What to cut off

  • Gas
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Phone and internet
  • Pay TV
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Gardener and cleaner
  • Insurances
  • Return any DVDs and library books
  • The in-laws

Planning before the move

  • Try and book the move two weeks before moving to ensure your position is reserved
  • Clean or arrange cleaners to ensure you get your bond back
  • Get any repairs done
  • Book an elevator with the building supervisor if in an ap
  • Arrange to have parking spaces available for the truck
  • Yellow Express can arrange storage if you are downsizing
  • Arrange insurance for your contents during the move

Moving tips and hints

1. Packing

  • Start early, packing is a big job
  • Yellows can pack your entire house professionally, please see our Packing Services page
  • Order boxes from Yellow Express, or see our free box offer
  • Keep out snacks and light refreshments for the day
  • Check all cupboards and drawers are empty
  • Do not pack jewellery, deeds, money, old family photos and irreplaceable effects, plan to carry these yourself
  • Do not pack dangerous goods including any flammables - drain the lawn mower and whipper snipper

2. Boxes

  • Yellow Express stocks a full range of boxes and packaging for all your removal needs
  • Place larger heavier items on the bottom of cartons
  • Heavier the items = smaller the box used
  • Use quality packing tape and cross tape the bottom of the carton
  • Pack boxes in room order and mark contents
  • Use port-a-robes for clothes
  • Pack ceramic plates upright, they are stronger vertically
  • Use quality padding like bubble wrap or butcher's paper
  • Leave out essentials and important documents

3. Large appliances

  • Check owner's manuals for correct moving methods
  • Leave moving these heavy items to the removalists
  • Use up the food in the fridge prior to moving day
  • Defrost the freezer in the morning and keep food cold

4. Furniture

  • Try recycling, donating or selling furniture you no longer need
  • Wrap furniture and mattresses in plastic protectors
  • Consider the location of the furniture in the new premises
  • Drain waterbeds and empty drawers

5. Electrical and electronics

  • Label the cables so you know where they plug back into
  • Use original packaging if you have it
  • Otherwise wrap very well and box
  • Back up your computers hard drive before moving it
  • Use a quality plasma carton to move plasma TV's.

The tips above are provided as a guide only and Yellow Express Pty Ltd can accept no responsibility for any incorrect or omitted information.

And remember...relax and enjoy your new home!