Tight Tuesdays.

Want to move mid week and want to save some bucks? Who doesn't? Then you need...

Tight Tuesdays

Move on any Tuesday and the call out is on us.

That's right, save half an hour (or more on outer city jobs) per move by choosing to move on Tuesday. Look what you can save...

Savings by moving on a Tuesday
Product Weekday Saturday Sunday
Studio Hop (Lite) save $50 save $60 save $65
Studio Hop save $55 save $65 save $70
King Kong save $65 save $75 save $80

Need more info? Phone 1300 YELLOW (1300 935 569) or use the big pink button at the top of the page to call us for free!

Only available on Studio Hop Lite, Studio Hop and King Kong.

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