Moving Office?

Looking to seamlessly move into your new workplace with minimal disruption at a fixed price? Read on!

Office chair

Business as usual

Halting your business can cost you a packet. So why move according to someone else's schedule? Simply tell us when will cause the least amount of disruption to your business - be it even after hours or on the weekend - and we'll be there.

Your clients won't even know there's been a disruption.

What we quote is what you pay

We don't do hidden fees. We believe in being completely upfront with you, and we want to make sure we understand exactly what you need.


That's why we can come to see you prior to the move. Based on our visit, we'll put together an accurate, free, no obligation removals quote - a quote that we stick to.

You'll have better things to do than watch those billable hours tick by on the day! You know, things like packing those free boxes we'll chuck in for you to use.

Co-ordination is king

The key to a successful office move is the co-ordination of your packing materials, furniture and archives. Your specialist office removals team will ensure your valuable cargo is relocated exactly to where you want it to be.

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