The Morris J-type Van – The Search

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Posted on: 12th June 2015 by: William Bulloch
Morris J Type Vans

Morris J-type Vans used by Yellow Express on 1950s

Morris J-type vans were a common sight on Australian roads in the 1950’s and 60’s. ¬†Yellow Express had a fleet of these vehicles to service our vast customer base but with the passing of time, these were replaced with more modern vehicles.

In 2012 began a search that would bring one of these classic commercial vans back into the fleet… watch this space…


Morris J-type van

Yellow Express Morris J-type van unloading from a Boeing Stratocruiser

9 Bridges We Like

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Posted on: 4th July 2011 by: William Bulloch

Here at Yellow Express we like bridges. We like roads too. And when you have a bridge that has a road on it… well lookout! The Chinese Government just unveiled the world’s longest bridge (over water) and we thought we would list our favourite bridges.



This six-lane, 42.5 km long, earthquake-proof bridge links China’s eastern port city of Qingdao to the island of Huangdao

The Jiaozhou Bay Bridge



The Millau Viaduct connecting Paris and Barcelona features the highest bridge piers ever constructed – 803 feet (245 metres). The overall height of the bridge tops out at 1125 feet (343 metres) which makes it 19 metres taller than the Eiffel Tower!

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Unusual Accidents

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Posted on: 28th June 2011 by: Editor

Our couriers know the importance of safe driving but accidents do happen. This US accident produced unusual (and terrifying) results! We sincerely hope no one was injured in this unusual accident.


Car accident


Car crash
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Sydney couriers in the 50’s with J-Type vans

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Posted on: 10th June 2011 by: William Bulloch
Morris J Type VansMorris J Type Vans used by Yellow Express on 1950s



One look at this photo takes you back to simpler times… men wore hats and ladies dressed with gloves and scarfs, someone else put the petrol in your car for you (and checked the oil!), stores closed on Sundays, computers were in books (not in your pocket) and the only creatures tweeting each other were birds in trees.


These Morris J type vans were used by our courier fleet for City deliveries Continue Reading