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Yellow Express

Yellow Express Van Delivering


Yellow Express has a rich and diverse history. As a company that began in the 1920’s it is synonymous with many major events in Australia’s history. Whether it’s delivering raw materials for the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, moving Sydney to Hobart yachts or delivering wool from the markets to ships for export to the world, you will find Yellow Express is probably associated. We even moved the Southern Cross that Sir Charles Kingsford Smith flew.



Yellow Express moving Southern Cross

Southern Cross plane flown by Sir Charles Kingsford Smith being moved by Yellow Express


In the coming weeks and months we will be posting stories and photos that we have in our archives that will add to the rich tapestry of the history of our great country. While we have a lot of material to draw upon, we suspect that there is much more out there in the community. It could be photographs, letters, documents, newspaper articles or anything that you think might be of interest. We receive lots of enquires from the public with people looking up the history of family members that at one time or another worked for Yellow Express.



Should you have something that you would like to submit please forward an initial inquiry to

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Posted on: 25th May 2011 by: William Bulloch