iPad2 Winner – Laura Davies

General Manager of Yellow Express handing the iPad2 to the Winner Laura

Troy Finch, General Manager of Yellow Express handing the iPad2 to the Winner, Laura Davies


We started our “Win an iPad2” Competition on our Facebook page back in May, and we were overwhelmed by the participation and well thought out responses, maybe even a few romances blooming.


The competition was to tell us in 25 words or less what you would get us to do, so you can continue to enjoy your life.


When it ended in October, we had over 2500 participants to choose from. It was difficult to select only one winner, but after much thought and consideration we decided on an entry by Laura Davies:


Something that I must confess…
while moving house I tend to stress.
Who can help me with this mess?
The jobs done with Yellow Express!


After finding a friend of hers had already entered our competition on our Facebook page, Laura decided to enter as well. “I want to win an ipad” she said. Although Laura Lives locally to our office she had “always wondered what Yellow Express did!” so after some research Laura entered with a few different quotes, all of which we thought could have also won her the competition – in fact in the end it came down to either one of her great posts. Here is the other one:


There is this guy… I’m obsessed.
I sent a gift hoping to impress.
The surprise went down a great success.
All thanks to Yellow Express

When she was called to be notified that she had been the lucky winner, she could not believe it. She told us she rarely enters competitions and normally does not win. In fact, the only thing she has ever won was a men’s Razor.


Laura was presented with her shiny new gadget in our Rozelle Office. We asked her how she came up with the winning quote and she told us she had a background in marketing which she thinks helped her write the right quote.


Laura plans to use the iPad straight away for work purposes and have some fun “tweeting” as well.


Now knowing what Yellow Express does, Laura will definitely use Yellow Express “for all the things she doesn’t have time to do”.


A few more honourable mentions –


Yellow Express,
I have a request.
My life’s in the gutter,
Please help me de-clutter.
A messy house, crammed rooms,
With your help, happiness resumes!


I once won tickets to see Slash but had to pick up before 3pm…didn’t land in Melbourne till 6pm…..guess who I could have gotten to pick up my tickets? YELLOW EXPRESS



HELP NEEDED…. I’m in distress
moving house & it’s a mess
only one day to move out & away
YELLOWS come & save the day!


Thank you to everyone who participated and stay tuned for more competitions to come…


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Posted on: 21st October 2011 by: Editor