The Morris J-type Van – Part 3 The Sydney Arrival

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Posted on: 27th July 2015 by: William Bulloch

Well after a 72 hr journey aboard a car carrier from Queensland our little J’Van has finally arrived. Axel Olleroch of VCDC in Rydalmere has welcomed our ‘Li’l Girl’ and is champing-at-the-bit to get started. Specializing in vehicle restoration Axel has given us an undertaking that we won’t be disappointed with the finished product… Here’s some more images of of her arrival and where she’ll live for the next few weeks… Stayed tuned for Part 4… coming soon.



The Morris J-type Van – Part 2 The Find

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Posted on: 15th July 2015 by: William Bulloch

…and so it begins…’Operation J’Van’ – Part 2: The Find!
After a long and exhaustive search, encompassing all corners of our great continent and included many an encounter with some ‘too-far-gone’ rust-buckets, Yellow Express has found a J’Van worthy of restoration. Queensland was where this little fellow called home and while it was shown lots of restoration love by its owner, he was not able to complete the job. We hope he will be pleased with our finished product

…To be continued…

Happy Birthday Sydney Harbour Bridge!

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Posted on: 19th March 2012 by: admin

Yellow Express wishes the Sydney Harbour Bridge a happy 80th birthday. We were around to see your creation and we look forward to many long years together.

Harbour Bridge Construction


Bridge finished. Well done Sydney!


Sydney couriers in the 50’s with J-Type vans

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Posted on: 10th June 2011 by: William Bulloch
Morris J Type VansMorris J Type Vans used by Yellow Express on 1950s



One look at this photo takes you back to simpler times… men wore hats and ladies dressed with gloves and scarfs, someone else put the petrol in your car for you (and checked the oil!), stores closed on Sundays, computers were in books (not in your pocket) and the only creatures tweeting each other were birds in trees.


These Morris J type vans were used by our courier fleet for City deliveries Continue Reading

Yellow Express moves the Space Shuttle (True!)

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Posted on: 27th May 2011 by: William Bulloch


As the Space Shuttle heads towards its final flight (currently scheduled for July) it is time to reflect on the history of the project and the small part (read: VERY small part) Yellow Express played in the program. Continue Reading

Removals History – Introduction

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Posted on: 25th May 2011 by: William Bulloch
Yellow Express

Yellow Express Van Delivering


Yellow Express has a rich and diverse history. As a company that began in the 1920’s it is synonymous with many major events in Australia’s history. Continue Reading

Furniture removalists Sydney

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Posted on: 18th May 2011 by: admin

Yellow Express is a well known name when it comes to furniture removals in Sydney. When you do something successfully for more than 87 years it shows. Continue Reading